What's New

More Yield On The Field
     Now Booking Pre-Harvest Applications
           Maximize Weed Absorption and Translocation
          Eliminate Costly Soil Compaction
          Eliminate the Cost of Swathing
          Speed Up Your Harvest

It seems the only constant in agriculture is change. In the face of global trade uncertainties, FCA strives to be a company you can rely on for consistent quality service.

For 68 seasons our family has endeavoured to spray each customers field like it was our own,
and that will never change!

The emergence of climate change as an important issue makes this an opportune time to remind growers that aerial application is one of the most environmentally friendly tools of modern agriculture. When pests or disease threaten a crop, time is critical.

Aircraft can cover more acres per hour than ground equipment.
This means:
  • Less fuel used
  • Less air pollution
  • No soil compaction
A benefit of growing importance is that aerial application guarantees zero chance of spreading apothecia or club root spores.

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