Air Tractor 502B

Powered by a Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34AG turbine engine rated at 750 horsepower, our Air Tractor 502B has a hopper capacity of 500 gallons.

Working speed averages 140 mph and swath width varies from 66 to 75 feet depending on the specific application.

A Hemisphere G4 G.P.S. with Intelliflow and data logging ensures swath accuracy. The Intelliflow is capable of both constant and variable rate flow control.

A Laser Altimeter assists the pilot to accurately maintain optimum boom height over the application field.

The quiet, reliable turbine engine has vastly reduced maintenance downtime and noise complaints, allowing us to spray more efficiently while being better neighbours.

The Air Tractors reliability, speed, fuel range, and large capacity has allowed us to provide customers 70 miles away with the same high level of service our local producers have come to expect.

Air Tractor 401W

Powered by a Walter M601E11 turbine engine rated at 751 horsepower, our Air Tractor 401W has a hopper capacity of 400 gallons.

Working speed averages 140 mph and swath width varies from 66 to 72 feet depending on application.

A Hemisphere Bantam G.P.S. with data logging and Intelliflow ensures precise accurate swath guidance.

CP-11TT flat fan nozzles and CP-06 Swivels provide exceptional spray depositions with uniform droplet sizes.

Cessna 140

Powered by a Lycoming 0290-D engine producing 135 horsepower, our 140 cruises at 115 mph.

During the spray season, GMWP is used to economically scout jobs for obstructions and drift concerns, as well as checking that weather is suitable to begin spraying (no fog, rain, excessive wind speed).

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