Aerial Advantages

Aerial Application for Crop Spraying

Fast, Efficient Service, Regardless of Field Conditions!!

The weeds are coming fast, disease pressure is building, insects are eating yield - and your spray program is slowly falling behind. Or the mixed blessing - you're ready to go ... and the rain moves in.

WE CAN HELP!!! Wet Fields are not a problem and spraying at 140 mph we will quickly get your spray program back on schedule.

NO Yield Loss from Crop Trampling!!

Trials conducted by the Alberta Farm Machinery Research Centre at Lethbridge (source: Syngenta Canada Website - Best Practices 09/10/2004) on cereal crops found an average 3% loss of yield due to crop trampling.

Predictably, the lowest average loss of 1% was found when spraying was conducted at the 2-3 leaf stage. Delaying spraying until the tillering stage more than doubled the yield loss.

Yield loss in advanced canola crops can be as high as 5% due to petal drop and pod shattering. The shattering effect and higher yield loss is also found with pea crops.

If even a 1% yield loss due to crop trampling is factored in;

We encourage you to do the math with your own average yield, estimated crop price, and estimated soil compaction yield loss.

We're confident you'll agree, an F.C.A. Application Pays For Itself!

The following prices are examples only, please contact us for current pricing.

BOTTOM LINE: Fungicide/ Insecticide Application on Canola 50 Bus Canola @ $ 25.00 /Bus

Crop $1250.00
Crop $1250.00
By Air $11.50/acre
By Ground $10.00/acre
Trampling 0%
Trampling 3% $ 37.50/acre
Total $11.50/acre
Total $47.50/acre

Your Bottom Line has Increased $ 36.00/acre with Aerial Application!

BOTTOM LINE: Preharvest Glyphosate Application on Wheat 50 Bus Wheat @ $15.00/Bus

Crop $750.00
Crop $750.00
By Air $11.00/acre
By Ground $10.00/acre
Trampling 0%
Trampling 3% $22.50/acre
Total $11.00/acre
Total $32.50/acre

Your Bottom Line has Increased $21.50/acre with Aerial Application!

No Grade Loss or Delays in Harvesting from Wheel Tracks!!

Aerial application is one of the most environmentally friendly tools of modern agriculture. When pests or disease threaten a crop, time is critical. Aircraft can accomplish more per hour than ground equipment. This means less fuel used, less air pollution, and no soil compaction.
Consequently, our aircraft’s carbon footprint is smaller than ground application equipment.

Aircraft are an essential tool for low or medium tillage farming systems, which can reduce soil erosion by as much as 90%. When crop protection products are applied by air, the soil crust is left undisturbed and there are no ruts or trampled straw, which can cause problems when harvesting or direct seeding.

Another benefit of aerial spraying ; there's zero chance of spreading Apothecia or Clubroot spores between fields.

Accuracy Guaranteed with GPS, Flow Control and Laser Altimeter!!

Our aircraft utilize Hemisphere Global Positioning Systems, flow controls, and precisely calibrated spray equipment to ensure our pilots are accurate in applying the correct amount of product to the crop.

Our Hemisphere GPS guarantee spray accuracy of 18 inches or less regardless of the difficulties posed by uneven terrain, obstacle avoidance, or decreasing daylight.

Flow control guarantees the correct water volume is being applied over the entire field, regardless of whether the pilot is flying upwind or downwind, flow deviation is 2% or less.

A Laser Altimeter assists us in maintaining the optimum boom height over the field to ensure the highest quality application.

Both aircraft are calibrated every 20 months utilizing the latest advances in computerized droplet scanning. This process ensures the correct effective swath width is used, spray deposition is optimal, and droplet sizes are uniform.

We will continue to utilize advanced technologies to enhance our capabilities, while providing a level of service quality above the industry standard, with the primary goal of reducing your costs and increasing your bottom line.

Experienced Knowledgeable Staff Available 24/7!!

At Fox Coulee Aviation our people's knowledge and experience are our most valuable assets!!

We are available year-round and welcome your calls any time.

We Survive With Your Support!

Aerial application is our primary focus. All company members strive to improve their skills and knowledge of application techniques on a continuing basis by attending seminars, reading industry publications, and attending the annual conventions of the Canadian Aerial Applicators Association and the Alberta Aerial Applicators Association.

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